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PRO Snow Goggles

20+ Different Lens Magnetic Interchangeable Lens System
Black-Grey Frame VLT 10% Grey Lens
Black-Grey Frame VLT 15% Blue Lens
Black-Grey Frame VLT15% Colourful Lens
Black-Grey Frame VLT 99% Clear Lens
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Pro Goggle + Kelvin Helmet Bundle

Ski Goggles PRO + Kelvin Ski Helmet - 2 in 1 Package
$103.99 $127.99

PRO Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

Magnetic Interchangeable Lens, Anti-Fog Coated & Polarized Tech
$77.99 $86.99
Black-Grey Frame VLT 10% Grey Lens
Red Frame VLT 15% Red Lens
Rose Frame VLT 17% Rose Lens
Black-Grey Frame VLT 15% Blue Lens
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OTG Snow Goggles

100% UV400 Protection - for Men, Women & Youth
Black Frame VLT 8%
Black Frame VLT 24%
Black Frame VLT 10%
Black Frame VLT 15.6%
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Lollipop Kids Snow Goggles

100% UV Protection / OTG Spherical Lens
VLT 54% Pink Lens
VLT 28% Green Lens
VLT 53% Pink Lens
VLT 44% Pink Lens
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ULTRA Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

Color Optimization, Super HD & 3x Anti-Fog Coating
$96.99 $139.99
Black Sonic Strap VLT 10% Silver Lens + Clear Lens VLT 90%
Flag Strap VLT 10% Silver Lens + Light Blue Lens VLT 85%
Flag Strap VLT 19% REVO Blue Lens + Clear Lens VLT 90%
Ditigal Grey Strap VLT 17% REVO Pink Lens + Light Blue Lens VLT 85%
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VISION Snow Goggles + Bonus Lens

Toric lens, Anti-Fog Coated & Enhanced Polarized lens
$83.99 $94.99
Black Strap VLT 9% Silver Lens
Blue Strap VLT 13% REVO Blue Lens
Black Strap VLT 11% REVO Green Lens
Puppy Strap VLT 13% REVO Red Lens
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PRO PLUS Snow Goggles

with UltraLens - Color-Optimization Technology
Black Frame Color Optim. Silver REVO Lens VLT 13.3%
Blue Frame Color Optim. Gold REVO Lens VLT 13%
Blue Frame Color Optim. Sapphire REVO Lens VLT 22%
Black Frame Color Optim. Orange Lens VLT 29%
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Happy Valley Kids Snow Goggles

100% UV Protection / Flexible Frame / Helmet Compatible
Unicorn Frame Pink Lens VLT 13.5%
Dinosaur Frame Red Lens VLT 14.3%
Flower Frame Pink Lens VLT 13%
Black Frame Blue Lens VLT 15%
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CLASSIC Snow Goggles

Budget and beginner friendly ski goggles
Black Strap VLT 9.49% Sliver Lens
White Strap VLT 9.49% Sliver Lens
White Strap VLT 18.44% REVO Pink Lens
Blue Strap VLT 85% Clear Blue Lens
+15 See 15 more option(s)
$148.99 $209.98

Eco-friendly Snow Goggles

Pro Plus Series - Limited Edition
$68.99 $129.98
GreenLens VLT 75% Eco-friendly Yellow Lens Polarized
GreenLens VLT 60% Eco-friendly Blue Polarized
GreenLens VLT 20% Eco-friendly Green Polarized
GreenLens VLT 45% TAC Purple
+2 See 2 more option(s)
$129.99 $146.99

MEANDER Snow Goggles

100% UV400 Protection OTG
$135.99 $164.98

OM X Stevie Gee Art Snow Goggles

Pro PLUS Series - Special Edition
$64.99 $102.98
Black Strap VLT 25% Silver Lens
White Strap VLT 25% Silver Lens
Beige Strap VLT 25% Silver Lens
Blue Strap VLT 30% REVO Blue Lens
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Pro Goggle + Ski Facecover Bundle

Ski Goggles PRO + 3 Layer Face Mask - 2 in 1 Package
$58.99 $76.99
Black-Grey Frame VLT 10% Grey Lens
Black-Grey Frame VLT 15% Colourful Lens
VLT 10% Sliver Lens
VLT 99% Clear Lens
VLT 75% Polarized Yellow Lens
VLT 15% REVO Blue Lens
+6 See 6 more option(s)
VLT 15% Blue Lens
VLT 45% Purple Lens
VLT 75% Yellow Lens
VLT 15% Red Lens

Just because you wear glasses doesn't mean you can't shred the mountain with the best of them. However, we understand that wearing snow goggles over your glasses can be uncomfortable and frustrating.

If you try to squeeze a regular pair of snow goggles over your glasses, they can pinch the side of your head, be uncomfortable on your nose, and potentially ruin your day.

Another issue with wearing glasses under your goggles is that you get a poor seal, letting in moisture. This can be disastrous, as your comfort is compromised further, and your goggles and glasses can fog, so you can't see where you're going.

You can, of course, go for contact lenses, but not everyone gets on with them. Some people wear prescription sunglasses, but they are not as secure as goggles, nor do they give you enough protection and coverage.

Therefore, the best solution is to head for the slopes wearing OTG (over the glasses) ski goggles.

How OTG Ski Goggles Work?

If you're a glasses wearer, OTG ski goggles are the best way to ensure you can see properly and are comfortable when skiing or snowboarding.

They're Shaped To Fit

OTG ski goggles are shaped and sized so you can wear your prescription glasses underneath, giving you the same experience as non-glasses wearers.

Most snow goggle manufacturers will indicate their range of OTG ski goggles, but you need to pay attention to the details to ensure that they have the necessary features you require from a good pair of OTG ski goggles.

The first thing you need to look at is how the goggles interface with your glasses and how they seal your face from the elements. If your goggles and glasses interfere with each other, you will have a bad fit, which will cause discomfort. You will experience pressure on the bridge of your nose and cheeks.

Proper OTG ski goggles have more room than regular goggles and are shaped to give your glasses plenty of clearance from the goggle lens. They also feature thicker foam around the edges of the frame, so you get a good seal around the arms of your glasses.

These features mean that your goggles fit your face well and interface with your helmet.

They Prevent Your Glasses Fogging

Even if your goggles fit over your glasses, they are pretty useless if your glasses are fogged up. So manufacturers of OTG ski goggles go to great lengths to prevent you from bumping into things.

A good pair of OTG ski goggles will be well ventilated. The frame or lens will have ventilation holes around the edges letting in cool air.

This doesn't mean that your face will be subjected to a constant blast of cold air rushing in. Instead, the ventilation holes stop your face from getting too warm under your goggles, stopping the inner surface of the lens and your glasses from fogging.

A Closer Look At Outdoor Master OTG Ski Goggles

You may be surprised to learn that all Outdoor Master snow goggles are OTG. That's right, we're very inclusive!

All of our snow goggles have been meticulously developed to accommodate glasses wearers, even the smaller sized and kids' ones. So what can you expect from wearing them?

High-Tech Lenses

The technology used in Outdoor Master lenses varies depending on which model you go for, but you can be sure to have crystal clear vision. There are options for polarized lenses, ones with Super HD technology, Color-Optimized Technology, and cylindrical or toric shapes.

Most models have interchangeable magnetic lenses, so you can quickly switch to a lens that perfectly suits the light conditions you're experiencing.

There are many lens colors to choose from with varying VLT ratings, and they all provide 100% UV protection. Also, If you care about the environment and interested to Eco-Friendly ski goggles, Outdoor Master can also satisfy your need. 

High-End Anti-Fogging

The goggle's triple-layer foam that seals your face from the outside world has been optimized to prevent as much moisture as possible from getting in. This is complemented by the lens's anti-fog coating and ventilation.

ULTRA Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

ULTRA Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle

Color Optimization, Super HD & 3x Anti-Fog Coating

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ULTRA XL Replacement lens

ULTRA XL Replacement lens

10+ Different Magnetic Lens
Color Optimization, Super HD, 3x Anti-Fog Coating

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In fact, models such as the Ultra have a 3X anti-fog coating. The lens also absorbs moisture before it turns into vapor, further enhancing the anti-fog capabilities.

Perfect Fit

As all Outdoor Master snow goggles are OTG, they have lots of room between your face and the lens. They are also perfectly shaped to interface with most snow helmets, so you don't get any irritating interference and discomfort.

Wide Peripheral Vision

The lenses of Outdoor Master snow goggles are shaped for optimum field of view. Some have a toric-shaped lens that combines the low distortion of a cylindrical lens with the broad peripheral vision you get from a spherical lens.

The broad peripheral vision is also extended when you choose from one of the frameless models.


What does OTG stand for?

OTG stands for over the glasses, and the term refers to ski goggles that can be comfortably worn over the top of prescription glasses.

How do OTG ski goggles work? 

OTG ski goggles are shaped and sized to provide plenty of room for your prescription glasses to fit underneath. They allow your glasses to sit on your face naturally without causing pressure on your nose or cheeks while skiing or snowboarding.

How do I keep my glasses from fogging up under my OTG ski goggles?

It is best to choose a pair of goggles with optimized anti-fogging. Make sure the goggles are well ventilated, have foam that creates a good seal around your face, and an anti-fog coating.

If your goggles still fog, you can try applying an anti-fog spray or using an anti-fog wipe. However, ensure that your goggle lens is suitable, as these products may damage the lens.

Can you ski in prescription sunglasses?

You can ski in prescription sunglasses, but you won't get much coverage or protection. Therefore, your eyes may start to water as you gather speed, and they probably won't survive a crash.

It is much better to wear contact lenses, or wear a good pair of OTG (over the glasses) snow goggles. These are designed to be worn comfortably with your prescription glasses underneath.

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