Our Mission:

OutdoorMaster believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors.

We make nature accessible to more people by making affordable, highly functional outdoor clothing and gear.


OutdoorMaster strives to make functional yet affordable products so that you always can stay warm, dry, cool and protected.

We are always looking for smart new ways of designing our products, as well as improved materials, to be able to deliver on this.


When we design our products we do so with simplicity and functionality in mind. We work continuously to develop new solutions and improved designs for all of our products.

Our functional yet simple design are already appreciated by our many hundreds of thousands of customers.

Great Value

We value value. Our mission is to make nature accessible to more people, and that means making our products affordable.

By selling directly to you – our customers – and cutting out middle men we are able to give you as much value for your money as possible.