Outdoor Master Rebrands As Premier Sporting Gear Company

outdoor master rebrand

Nature is for everyone, so are outdoor sports. By lowering barrier of entrance with solid tech and reasonable price, we level the playing field for all.

Founded with a passion for the outdoors, an innate love of nature, and the zeal to innovate, we ---- Outdoor Master®, pride ourselves on making safe access to outdoor sporting activities equitable and accessible.

Our initial vision was to do away with high technology ski goggles that were too expensive, and have grown into a full-fledged company, providing tech-savvy products for a growing audience of outdoor enthusiasts and alike.

Back when Leo formulated the initial idea of Outdoor Master®, it was based on an avid love of nature. However, also, at the same time he recognized that not everyone could truly explore nature due to the ridiculous costs of high-tech equipment. Believing that everyone deserved affordable access to revel in the outdoors, we took up the task of making outdoor gear that was good and didn’t cost more than people thought they would.

We had a 4.7-star rating on Amazon coupled with over a million sales at the end of 2016 with our initial ski goggles. It was the first step of our journey to the leading innovative force in the industry that we are nowadays.

outdoor master new logo
Outdoor Master New Logo


7 years later, now with a renewed brand image of premier sporting gear provider, we now present ourselves to the mass with a brand new, redesigned logo and #DoWhatYouBelieve as our new brand slogan. Both these new faces fall in line with our unique vision of creativity, inclusivity, and freedom. In addition to our widely successful ski goggles, our offerings now include SUP, camping, electric skateboards, and a slew of other categories. With the new changes, we aim to gradually cement ourselves as the go-to comprehensive outdoor sporting goods brand.

Always on the cutting edge of innovation, in recent years, the Outdoor Master® team independently developed the first electric SUP pump on the market - Shark. The Shark rids users of the tedious task of manually pumping up their SUPs.

This pump included a cooling system, thus guaranteeing consecutive operation on multiple SUPs without overheating. The product was a wild success and became the number one SUP Pump on the market until this day. Never one to be outdone, Outdoor Master® has also improved upon the original ski goggles with breakthroughs in anti-fog technology, polarization technology, and environmentally friendly materials for snow goggles.

More than just always being on the cusp of technology-savvy advancements, we are also a staunch supporter of safety. To obtain the highest safety standards, Outdoor Master® has cooperated with safety system Mips to guarantee customers a safe outdoor experience.

Aimed at encouraging and inspiring more people to engage in the great outdoors, we created the Master Club community. Master Club is an exclusive community bringing together users, fans, and partners to connect with each other and share their adventures and experience about all things outdoor gear. Members are granted early access to updates, latest products, special discounts, rewards, gifts, and sponsored trips/events.

As a final cherry on top of our product’s great quality, Outdoor Master® also secured a deal as a strategic partner to the U.S. Ski Team (USSSA) as supplier of gear. Additionally, we collaborated with artiste Stevie Gee (illustrator), Jl Fulks (guitarist), and others via co-designing, calling for the protection of the environment. Outdoor Master® is also proud to sponsor a host of professional skiers and competitions, including Noah Vicktor, Lara Wolf (Olympic athletes), and Ride at Lost Trials, “Game of Snow,” and USCSA National Championships (Ski contests), respectively.

#DoWhatYouBelieve and enjoy the outdoors by visiting Outdoormaster.com.

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