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High Speed Modern Society, Hard to Find Real Happiness

We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts from New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. In January of 2010, we met each other while skiing in Les Deux Alpes, France. Our coach asked us, "How hard is it to feel real happiness in modern cities? Welcome to the Alps to have fun and enjoy yourself!"


We still keep in touch after the travel and often reflect our life: the more developed the technology, the lonelier we will be. These days, we spend most of the time immersed in network technology. Our senses are gradually numb in the high-speed modern society. We need to go more outdoor.

Start the Exploration

For this friendship, the love of outdoor and nature, we decided to explore the world by experiencing different outdoor sports.


We surfed in Hawaii to overcome fear, dived in Palau to meet the beautiful Blu-ray world, ski in Denver to enjoy the speed, hiked in Nepal to challenge ourselves… 

We Found a Huge Gap Between Cheap and High-end Outdoor Products

However, during the travel, it is distressing that we found most of the cheap outdoor products have a poor user experience and high-end sports gears are fairly expensive. We cannot find suitable personalized gears, which can fit the needs for beginners, middling players, masters progressively at a reasonable price and accompany us when our skill improved.

Born of OutdoorMaster

Aim at providing progressing solutions that accompany you at different stages

Therefore, in 2015, we launched OutdoorMaster. With the aim of providing progressing outdoor products at reasonable prices for different levels of outdoor sports lovers like us.

For varieties of outdoor sports, the excellent quality, innovation of technology, and nature-oriented diversified design bring enjoyable experience to our customer. It accompanies our customer and us to continue the journey of exploration. We provide diversified high-quality gears for individual needs, which has made us successful in annual selling over 200,000 pairs of ski goggles in the United States.

OutdoorMaster, "Enjoy The Heartbeat Of Nature", welcome to join us.

    See You Outdoor!